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by:PAK TAT     2020-10-14

The Wildcat EP is totally factory-built, with a plastic hull measuring a little over 25 inches long. Twin rudders jutting out past the transom add one other three.5 inches to the boat's length. I like the colour scheme, but the stickers on my example have several bubbles and lifted edges. If driving the Reef Racer is a carefree frolic, driving the Minimono is an exhilarating thrill.

I even have to commit intense concentration just to maintain up with the velocity of the boat, to not point out maintaining awareness of the objects I wish to avoid hitting. I can solely equate it to the experience of flying a few of my high-efficiency RC airplanes.

I then weatherproofed the solder joint by overlaying it with Goop adhesive. I used a bit of tape to cover the open space where the swap was mounted.

It’s a lot of fun, but I want a breather when it’s over. When you turn the control wheel, it'll whip round in a heartbeat.

Again thanks to its “low gearing” of the propulsion system, it doesn’t bog down in these tight turns. I’m sure that with somewhat practice you would function considered one of these in a moderately sized pool and by no means hit the edge. I take my Reef Racers to the small ponds found at a lot of my local parks and they are method larger than I ever want. To bypass the change, I reduce the wires resulting in it, leaving about 1” emerging from the receiver/ESC housing. I then stripped sufficient of the remaining wires to twist them collectively and secure the joint with solder.
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