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Do you really know about remote control model cars?

Do you really know about remote control model cars?



Ten years ago, I saw an advertisement for a remote control model truck of a Japanese Tamiya model on the Internet, and I was fascinated at that time. Of course, the remote control car of the Tamiya model is also very delicate and professional.

The remote control model car is called a hobby rather than a toy because the remote control model is highly realistic. It is usually completed according to the real car's structure, principle, and made by a certain scale reduction. Not only the proportional of appearance, but also the mechanical structure and tuning data are also highly consistent with the real car.

From the perspective of completion, the remote control model car is divided into two forms: RTR version and KIT version.

RTR means Ready to run, you can run with batteries or fuel after you buy it, there is no need for players to purchase assembly parts.

The KIT version means that all parts need to be assembled by the players according to the instructions. KIT version generally do not include power, batteries, fuel, and remote controller. The players can purchase and install components which they need, it has great flexibility.

In some competition-level cars, the difficulty and requirements of tuning are even as complicated and meticulous as real cars. The entire vehicle system must not only grasp the appearance, but also grasp the performance such as steering, gear shifting, differential speed, suspension, power and circuit must be considered.

Therefore, whether the vehicle is assembled and adjusted before it is placed on the ground, or during the transfer process, or after the maintenance, all need related knowledge of electricity and mechanics as a basis. So modeling is a very beneficial hobby, it is very important to exercise thinking and practical skills.

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