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Why are drones becoming more and more popular?

Why are drones becoming more and more popular?


In layman's terms, the drones meaning is an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone, which can be considered as a flying robot. It can be remotely controlled, and it can also use software embedded in the GPS and sensors system to control the flight plan for autonomous flight. The drone is equipped with dual global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), including GPS and GLONASS. They can also fly in non-satellite mode. Other positioning functions such as radar positioning help the drone to accurately navigate, also can display the current position between the drone and the controller, and the home function guides the drone back to the controller. Gyro stabilization technology promotes smooth flight and obstacle detection, and collision avoidance technology ensures safety. In addition, the gyroscope can provide important navigation data for the central flight controller.

Why are drones becoming more and more popular? In recent years, the availability and demand of the drone market have gradually increased. A report from PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)is entitled "Building Trust in Drones" shows that nearly 31% of the British public has a positive attitude towards drone technology, while in the commercial areas, this proportion has risen to 56%. The company believes that education can win the trust of the public and businesses, also can change people's attitudes towards drones. The European Union has stated that by 2025, the value of this market in Europe will reach 1 billion euros.


The reason why drones are more and more popular

In reality, drones are more used for detection and reconnaissance. Like some harsh environments, or need a high-angle view of perspective to the overall situation, people cannot take the initiative to observe in person. At this time, the advantages of UAVs are reflected. They are small size, lightweight, easy to carry and control flexibly and have low requirements for takeoff conditions, it can easily cope with various harsh scenarios.

Initially, the situation was not optimistic when the drone first entered the unknown sky. Historical records that they are mainly used for military and war reasons. Fortunately, this situation is changing over time because they can reach places that people cannot reach. For example, drones are used to benefit mankind. Including searching and rescuing, transportation, traffic monitoring, agricultural surveying and mapping, fire fighting, etc.  

Reasons for the increase in demand for drones. Although high costs and technical limitations hinder the widespread use of best drones for beginners, it is the most popular product in terms of providing scanned images now. In the past, we relied on satellite imagery, but now due to cost, data sharing, and time constraints, it is impossible to continue to rely on satellite imagery for daily use. In contrast, UAVs can provide real-time, high-resolution image data with much more precise details and high image clarity.

Due to the reduced cost of miniaturized sensors, even ordinary people can own them. Moreover, it still helps to make quick decisions and reduce the number of visits to the scene. Even advances in sensors have had a major impact on data quality and automation.

Although regulations are necessary, they may constitute an obstacle to the future development of drones. Just by raising the flying height limit more than a few meters, drones can help farmers double the inspection area at a lower cost and bring better benefits. Although drones are currently allowed to operate out of sight and at night, a lot of work needs to be done in regulations for reducing the daily use of drones. Because of the flexible rules, China and the United States are currently leading in this market.

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