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Drones are more than just taking pictures.

Drones are more than just taking pictures.


Let's look at some use cases of drones.

l  Medical: Headquartered in California of “Zipline”, they uses a series of drone distribution centers in Ghana to provide vaccines and medicines to the country’s population 24 hours a day.

l  Real Estate: Through the capturing pictures of high-value real estate, the real estate industry can be subversion. ZawStudios, a media company is located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, used drones to shoot 360-degree of photos and videos in a large house, providing potential buyers with an immersive perspective.

l  Wildlife and forest protection: They can help track illegal activities, monitor animals, count their numbers, plan reforestation, take strange pictures, etc. In addition, they also help to assess the health of forests, encroachment, logging, forest fires, poaching, water bodies, biodiversity protection and mangrove protection. For example, NETRAProUAV, eBeeX, SnotBot, AirShepherd.

l  Energy: Sunpower is using drones to improve solar power plants. SkySpecs is a start-up company that uses these drones to inspect wind turbines. So it only takes a few minutes to complete the work that used to take hours.

l  Weather forecast: Meteorological drones can collect and provide real-time weather data to help meteorologists predict the weather conditions in the coming days or weeks, and issue early storm warnings. For example, Saildrone’s autonomous sailboat can collect ocean and atmospheric data from the surface of ocean.

l  Insurance: These forms of drones can cover more ground when crossing areas and angles, which is a challenge for human insurance inspectors. DroneBase, a company based on California, uses drones to conduct aerial surveys of building roofs, providing an easy way for insurance companies to assess losses related to claims.

l  Internet: It can provide low-cost Internet services to remote areas. The most famous example is Facebook's solar-powered of drone Aquila.

l  Agriculture and reforestation: Through drones, agricultural workers can collect data and automate redundant processes to improve efficiency. The startup Biocarbon Engineering uses drones to plant mangrove saplings in southern Yangon.

In addition to the above applications, drones can also be used for pesticide spraying, emergency response, search and rescue, mining, fire protection, aerial inspection of oil pipelines, urban planning, entertainment, tourism and tourism construction, cargo distribution, etc.

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