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How powerful is the rock crawler? It can climb such a trembling slope.

How powerful is the rock crawler? It can climb such a trembling slope.


Climbing remote-controlled model cars (hereinafter referred to as " rock crawler ") are not for the purposes racing. Rock crawler are aimed at conquering rugged roads and various terrain obstacles! To overcome complex terrain and climb obstacles that are larger and higher than itself, the rock crawler must have special skills!

simulation rock crawler is very similar to the real car

Rock Crawler are generally divided into simulation climbing and strong climbing.The simulation rock crawler car not only looks close to the shape of real car, but also the mechanical structure is very similar. With off-road tires and full-time four-wheel drive structure, it has good off-road capabilities.

However, strong rock crawler is a performance-focused vehicle. All vehicle structures and counterweights are mainly around climbing, and the shape is even a little weird. The ratio of rock crawler RC car is generally 1:10, 1:8, mainly trams.

Super off-road ability

First of all, the frame of the rock crawler can be flexibly twisted, and the suspension stroke is larger than the general remote control car. Coupled with special tires with special patterns, it can make large-scale overturning and climbing movements. In addition to the performance of the rock crawler, the manipulator (player) needs to consider the best driving route and precise response to let the car pass the obstacle!

Manipulating the rock crawler is a sport that trial the cooperation between the player and the car team. The scene of successfully climbing obstacles is only a short moment. More often, players need to keep thinking and discussing how to let the rock crawler to conquer obstacles. Choose A reasonable climbing route requires player have a high degree of concentration, superb control skills, and a firm belief to make the rock crawler car successfully climb to the top!

Is there a race for the rock crawler car? Of course there is! Rock crawler remote control car competition not only show the superb technology of personal modification of the vehicle, but also test the player's observe the terrain, judging the route and determine on-site decision-making ability of the climbing plan.


The competition route is generally 30 to 50 feet long, and the length of the route can be increased or decreased appropriately depending on the venue, but the distance between obstacles should not exceed 2 feet.

  The race route constructed with cone-shaped road signs or other markers, and the one with the shortest time to complete the track will become the champion of the race. If the car needs to be corrected by hand or touches the road sign during the race, it will be considered as a foul. For each foul, the game result will be fined add 5 to 10 seconds.

Rock crawler car players like to shoot every activity and competition into a video. They can recall the joy and satisfaction that every time climb brings when not climbing.

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