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Which rc car is best for beginners? Talking about rc car hobby you need to know.

Which rc car is best for beginners? Talking about rc car hobby you need to know.


1.What is RC exactly?

RC is an abbreviation for Radio Control, which means remote control or radio control. RC covers a wide range, such as remote control car models, aircraft models, ship models, even military drones, combat robots which belong to the RC category. It should be emphasized here that the remote control toys for children are not RC.Of course, children also can play. Because it can develop children's intelligence and practical ability.

2.What is the RC model?

RC models can be divided into remote control model cars, remote control aviation models, remote control ship models, remote control robots, etc.Compared with the remote control car model and the remote control ship model, the remote control model car we introduced today does not have airspace control and water requirements. The requirements of the venue and environment are loose, and it is easier to get started. As long as there is a venue, you can play at any time.

3. The origin and history of RC model cars.

The remote control car was born in the mid-1960s. The first 1:8 scale flat chassis frame was built with a two-stroke aircraft model engine. The two-stroke internal combustion engine was installed on an aluminum chassis, which brought amazing speed to the remote control car. This engine uses a mixture of nitrogen and methanol as fuel.

In 1974, an electric remote control car model was born.

In 1967, major companies such as DM started manufacturing package model cars, and remote-control model cars began to differentiate themselves from toy cars and developed independently.

In 1979, the "Wild Rider" off-road remote control model car released by Tamiya Company broke the design of the model car driving on a flat road. The model car was first driven on a wild road covered with stones and water.

In 1993, the "Monster Truck" was born. Another name is big truck and it caused a new trend.

There are similar big RC car on our website that you can buy. If you are a toy wholesaler in a certain area, the price of RC cars is cheaper.

After half a century of development, a large number of RC model car manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan have formed. They are mature in technology and have a large number of loyal fans.

4.What is the difference between RC model car and remote control car toy?

The cheaper remote control car on the market may be just a remote control toy for children. It is obviously different from the RC model cars:

(1)The correction distance is different, the RC model car belongs to remote control, at least the remote control range is more than 100 meters; while the ordinary remote control toy car of children's distance is about 20 meters.

(2)Different correction methods, RC model cars are "proportional correction". What is "proportional correction"? For example, if you turn the steering wheel on the remote control by 15 degrees, the wheels on the frame also rotate by 15 degrees. The throttle trigger on the remote control is reduced by 30% and the power output is also 30% of the power. But the toy car also uses a "switch" remote control, this remote control method cannot do precise command actions, steering and speed are only "0%" and "100%" two states.

(3)The mechanical principle and internal structure are different. The RC model car is a scaled down version of various real racing cars. It has the same mechanical principles as the real car, the same suspension system, and a similar impact feeling and amazing acceleration as the super sports car. Buy the ordinary remote control toy car does not have it.

(4)The RC model car can be assembled, repaired, modified and upgraded, while the ordinary remote control toy car cannot be assembled, modified and upgraded and large-scale maintenance.


5.What’s the fun of playing RC model cars?

If you are a beginner, the fun of manipulating the RC model car is that it can reach the same starting speed as the real sports car, make a variety of climbing, off-road, drifting, rolling, flicking, and enjoying the adrenaline thrill of rapid rise.

6. How many kinds of RC model car power?

The power of RC model cars is mainly divided into two categories: one is based on the internal combustion engine as the power output, and the other is driven by the battery/electric motor.

The internal combustion engine is mainly used for two fuels. One is gasoline. It is not purely gasoline, but a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke engine oil. The other is methanol-based synthetic fuel.

The batteries/electric motors generally use lithium batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries to power the motor. Electric energy is properly used and can be recharged for a long time, but it must be used with care and maintenance;

Compared with gasoline and methanol, the purchase of gasoline at gas stations will be limited, and although methanol mixed fuel is easy to buy,but the comprehensive methanol car tuning will be relatively complicated.

7. Price of RC model cars.

For the first time players who are exposed to RC model cars, you can buy some RC cars with relatively low price, and try to understand the RC cars.

Because the RC model car is a high-loss product, it is accompanied by high speed and torsional movement in the process of playing. At the same time, it is not recommended that novices spend excessively high prices. The fun of playing RC model cars lies in the step-by-step process of upgrading based on the accumulation of knowledge and technology.

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