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Meet Us at HKTDC Toys & Games Fair

Meet Us at HKTDC Toys & Games Fair


After 20 years of development, PAK TAT has accumulated rich OEM experience and has been recognized by world-renowned brands and supermarkets, especially in the field of remote control toys, with unique cost-effective advantages. As the market continues to evolve, the product has covered pure battery cars, metal model cars, full scale model cars, toy IC cars, toy cars, Off-Road RC CAR, Fast/high speed RC CAR, drift rc car, rc Stunt car, full-scale rc car, brushless rc car, rc camera car, high-performance drone, with camera drone, etc.

In order to meet the market demand more accurately, we not only developed the new 4WD and 6x6 off-road vehicles, but also selected our most cost-effective series according to the requirements of old customers to buy for everyone, I believe you must be worthwhile.

In addition, as the only designated toy tool OEM supplier in Home Depot, we have brought a new range of tools.

Please pay attention to our booth 1C-A12 HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

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