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How to choose your first RC car?

How to choose your first RC car?


Today, I will tell you how to choose a suitable RC car. And some issues that need to be paid attention to before buying.

In fact, the purchase is nothing more than two points: 1. Budget 2. The type you want to play.

Have any requirements for the road conditions on the ground to play drift car? ceramic tile? Asphalt road?

1. There are requirements, preferably tile floor.

2. The maintenance is simple, the drifting car is generally not damaged.

3. The electric car is much simpler than a petrol car. The electric car can be used for 40 minutes when it is fully charged, and it can be charged in 30 minutes with a high-current charger.

You can understand the Rally car as a drift car running with strong off-road ability. Secondly, the brushless motor has stronger power than the brush, but the linearity will be worse and the low speed will be jitter.

Some people will say: There is a differential lock to running, or something else…. But it was still far from satisfactory.

Furthermore, I want to tell you that the mission of a rock crawler is to climb, not to run. The rock crawler can climb function is enough. As for racing, it is not the play way for the rock crawler. If you are purely for running and attitude, then short course truck and desert cards are suitable for you.

Choose the best within your own ability, and then make a comprehensive selection according to the surrounding conditions of your location and the type of play you want to play, so that you will experience the fun of playing RC cars more and more!

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