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What kind of glider is best for novices?

What kind of glider is best for novices?


The remote control glider is a flying model version of a glider. It is a glider controlled by remote control equipment. The size and length can be made according to the design requirements. The remote control glider is also a kind of remote control aircraft, but its flying speed is slow and it can fly without power.


Remote control gliders can be divided into two types: powered and unpowered. Powered is almost a remote-controlled aircraft, but the wings are longer and bigger than those of ordinary remote-controlled aircraft. The aircraft can fly for a long time by searching for updrafts on the ground. The unpowered remote control glider is a small version of the glider, and the control equipment (steering gear, receiver) are installed in the fuselage.


The state of the glider flying in the air is indeed refreshing, but beginners should buy a miniature aircraft with a wingspan of 30 to 50 cm, and the fuselage is made of EPP materials, and the propellers should be installed on the rear edge of the wings. In this way, the aircraft is not easy to break, especially the propeller is not easy to be damaged, and it is also very safe. If there is a landing gear, plus the use of the built-in remote control to charge, so much better.

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Why not choose the larger size glider? Due to the large size of glider, it is required the venue to be large, and it is not safe if it hits a person. Why not choose too small size (wingspan below 30 cm)? Because the size is too small to be able to fly outdoors, and the indoor unit requires a large house (at least one such house of 100 square meters, and there are no obstacles such as walls within this 100 square meters).


If you are a beginner, I recommend you buy a ready-to-fly assembled remote control plane and try it first.

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