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RC car's power type - deep analysis articles

RC car's power type - deep analysis articles


From the power of RC car are divided into two types: "electric cars" powered by batteries and driven by electric motors. And "gas cars" powered by internal combustion engines.

Many people think electric cars are very cheap toys, and only "gas cars" are considered models. This kind of thinking is wrong. Actually, the speed of electric cars is very fast. Even with a 1:12 small scale model RC car, it is very easy to run above 60km/h with proper matching.

Electric car has good linear output, and the output characteristics of the electric motor determine that the acceleration and starting response of the electric car in the corner are faster than the gasoline car. With the development of lithium battery and brushless motor technology, the performance of electric car is getting better and better, and the output power is getting larger. So the players are more willing to choose quiet, stable, and easy-to-maintain of electric car as their select.

Due to the ease of use of the motor such as low vibration and low heat generation, competition-level vehicles can use carbon fiber materials to manufacture the vehicle chassis, and metal materials can also be made of titanium alloy or 6065 or even 7075 grade aluminum for manufacturing parts to ensure the frame with precision and low weight, without blindly considering the negative effects of high temperature and high vibration caused by gasoline vehicles, so that the performance of the model car can be further improved.

The oil-powered remote control model car is a model car driven by an internal combustion engine, which is mainly divided into engine models using methanol and using gasoline as fuel. Although the two fuels are different, they are both two-stroke engines in terms of technical structure. The methanol engine is small in size and flexible in layout. Its fuel is mainly composed of methanol, castor oil, nitro, etc., and is a special fuel for methanol engines. Although it is small, the engine speed is high and the output power is large. A 3.5cc displacement engine used in a 1:10 scale model car can output 2 horsepower, coupled with gears with suitable gear ratios, and the speed is amazing.

The two-stroke gasoline engine is large in size and heavy, and cannot be installed on a small-scale frame. However, it has large torque, good stability, cheap and easy-to-obtain fuel, and thick exhaust sound, which is also loved by many players.

These two types of engine model RC cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. After reading this article, I believe you already know how to choose your own RC car type!

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