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Can anyone participate in the RC car race?

Can anyone participate in the RC car race?


The remote control model car competition is a very formal and high-tech sporting event. Participants do not have too many age requirements, from 8 to 80 years old also can participate. In general, the RC car competition is held in a dedicated competition venue. The win rule is that whoever runs the more laps within a fixed time (The winner is the one with more laps and less time).

With the development of technology, the timer has changed from manual counting to electronic counting, and a dedicated sensor (AMB) is installed on each car to determine the specific performance of the car. Competition scenes are very fierce. Racers must perfectly tune the vehicles according to the conditions of the venue, improve their own psychological quality and control level, maximize the performance of the vehicles, and finally add a little luck to win the championship.

many curves in the model car park, which is comparable to a real racing game

very intense in competition scene

before & after race the vehicles must be maintained and deployed 

So, now you have a better understanding of the process and rules of the race. I believe that one day your car will also be able to ride the competition venue in the future.

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