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Discovered the Rear digging function of rc crawler!

Discovered the Rear digging function of rc crawler!


The Rear Dig is banned in many simulation girder climbing car competitions. Why? Because it's so easy to use and powerful!


The function of Rear Dig is disconnect the rear wheel transmission and output all the power to the front wheels (rear wheel lock out). With the interruption, some seemingly impossible things can be achieved, such as turning around and turning in place, drawing a circle. Uphill will not roll over, and downhill will be more stable. Moreover, super skills of pipe racks and strong climbing: hanging tires, and so on.


It’s mystery is not the superficial 4WD switch to 2WD, and the third competitive rear dig modes, locks the non-power output shaft. In this mode, the steering performance in the differential lock state can be greatly improved, and the steering is almost in place.


Generally, the strong climb will only be used when extreme case. For example, starting on a very steep slope, it is likely that the step will be overturned without a rear dig. If there has rear dig that disconnects the power of rear axle power, only the front wheels are used to start, and it will not turn over.


Those who haven’t played it really don’t know how good it is, and those who don’t use it will never understand its charm~

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