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There are more than 90 accessories used in this RC car.

There are more than 90 accessories used in this RC car.


Novices want to experience an RC car. It is recommended to buy the ready to run of RC car first. Otherwise, if you already have a certain understanding of RC cars, you can purchase the KIT version to have a deeper understanding of the internal structure of the RC car and the principles of various accessories.

 One of our high quality RC car uses up to 90 kinds of accessories. The following is a list of the main parts of one of our RC cars, which is worth your own! Provide to your reference:



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Component namePhotoMaterial DetailQuantity
Integral car shell assemblyA-black skeleton1
A-roof (Deep yellow ink sprayed and printed with UV)1
A-car shell (Yellow blue PVC)1
A-seat(Black red PVC)1
round head cross self-tapping(ST1.7*6PB D3   cross round head, black zinc plated, environmental protection 8.8)6
cross round head(ST2.3*6PB   D3.5 cross round head iron plating black zinc)14
Undercarriage assemblyblack undercarriage1
Deceleration gear assemblyblack deceleration gear1
Alloy differential componentsdifferential connection cup φ11*25mm2
slewing bearing2
front differential case1
optical axis2
differential O-ring2
stainless steel gasket/Pinghuasi2
EVA glue1
umbrella tooth1
differential gear2
planetary gear4
planetary gear shaft2
cross countersunk head machine screw4
Reduction shaft φ
    5*45mm assembly
reduction shaft φ5*45mm1
Differential connection cup φ11*25mm assemblydifferential connection cup2
Differential gear assembly
 differential gear2
planetary gear4
Front differential boxfront differential case1
Differential O-ring*2,Flat Washer*2Differential O-ring2
stainless steel gasket/Pinghuasi2
Tire assembly  wheel skin2
large caster hub2
550   motor assembly
motor anti-interference board1
motor wire (environmental protection)1
motor wire (environmental protection)1
Battery 7.4V 1500MAH-18650lithium iron battery1
Elevator + PE bag + chargerUSB charging cable1
7.4V 2000mA USB charging cableUSB charging cable(length 50CM) XH-3P environmental protection (overdischarge and low current activation) fast charging 1

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