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Learn the mechanical principle of car by assembling the RC model.

Learn the mechanical principle of car by assembling the RC model.


I believe that every person who loves a car knows more or less some information about his car, such as a four-wheel-drive system, suspension form, acceleration ability, and so on. However, the mysterious parts such as the chassis, suspension, power, transmission, etc. They are all hidden under the body. We rarely have the opportunity to witness their working status. Today we could through the assembly of the RC model and show you how these components work.

Chassis: Strictly speaking, the RC model chassis in the picture is a non-load-bearing body structure.

What are a non-load-bearing body and a load-bearing body? 

Non-load-bearing body refers to a body structure that can be assembled separately from the car frame and body connected by soft materials or springs;

As the name implies, a Load-bearing body is carrying the engine and chassis as a whole through the body itself, and it both with the function of the frame, the cars and most urban SUVs in our daily life use this body structure.

shock absorber

Shock absorber: It plays a vital role for the vehicle. The picture of the RC model shock absorber works the same as our real car. The shock absorber is mainly divided into two parts, spring, and damper, which can also be called a damping cylinder.

spring of rc car

Spring: In simple terms, the main function of the spring is to support the function of the vehicle. Its strength affects the support of the vehicle and the speed of the shock absorber's rebound speed, and the damper will have a greater impact on the dynamic stability of the vehicle. We know that the spring will vibrate and extra bounce after completing a damping process. If there without a damper to suppress these actions, the stability of the vehicle will be greatly affected.

damper of rc car 

Damper: The working principle of the damper is to move up and down the valve with small holes in the barrel to force oil with different viscosity to pass through the small holes to form damping. The damping coefficient can be adjusted by the viscosity of the oil.

Swingarm system: The swingarm usually forms a complete suspension system with the shock absorber. We can intuitively see their combination on the RC model, but compared to our real vehicle, the RC model does not need to consider the problems with the layout of the space such as the riding space and the engine. Therefore, the space left for the entire suspension system is very abundant, and the design of the swingarm and the connecting rod can be made very sturdy for enhancing the performance.

motor, battery, esc, transmission

Power system-motor, battery, ESC, transmission

Our traditional fuel energy vehicles are basically composed of engines, gearbox, and transmission systems, while electric vehicles are composed of motors, gearboxes, electronic controls, batteries, and transmission systems.

Our RC model uses a larger motor compared to the body of a real electric car, so in terms of power source, one is a multi-motor layout to ensure cabin space, and the other is uses the large-scale single-motor layout for an electronic control system simplicity.


Gearbox: If you have a better understanding of electric vehicles, you will often find that electric vehicles basically use a single-speed gearbox, that is a fixed gear ratio gearbox. Fully consistent with our RC model, we can intuitively see what the wave box on the RC model looks like. Of course, the fixed-gear ratio gearbox on a real car will increase the number of gears to provide a higher reduction ratio, but the overall working principle is the same.

In conclusion, the real car seems complex but also has many similarities with our RC model. Through the assembly of the RC model, we can appreciate how much the development of technology has made for our travel and entertainment. Those who love the beauty of machinery can enjoy it in a simpler way.

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