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In Toy Story 2, it is seen alongside Bo Peep, helping search for Woody's hat earlier than Andy takes him along to a summer season camp. It briefly seems in Toy Story three via old home videos of Andy as a child. A group of Troll dolls also seems within the third film's opening sequence, during which they are portrayed as orphans on a runaway prepare during Andy's playtime.

Mr. Mike – A toy tape recorder who helped Woody amplify his voice throughout a toy assembly together with his attached microphone. At the end of Toy Story 2, Wheezy uses him as a karaoke machine. Slinky Dog is a toy dachshund with a steel Slinky for a physique, who speaks with a southern accent.

Hannah has several dolls, although some have been beheaded by Sid. During the film, one of Hannah's rag dolls, Janie, is taken by Sid, who switches her head with that of a toy Pteranodon.

The sequence additionally exhibits that the cowboy hat that Emily had is similar to Andy's hat but with a further white lace space, and Emily's hair was brown, similar to Mrs. Davis's hair within the first movie. However while sharing the identical colour, the hats are actually totally different shapes reflecting the hats worn by their favourite toy (Andy's being a teardrop form like Woody's and Emily's being round like Jessie's). A troll doll with pink hair and a blue bathing suit seems in the first two movies. In the primary film, it grew to become fascinated with Buzz and is also seen lifting weights with him.

In 2014, blogger Jon Negroni theorized that Mrs. Davis is Jessie's original owner, Emily, based mostly on the flashback sequence of Jessie and Emily from Toy Story 2. The sequence exhibits Emily as a toddler within the 1960s, which is when Mrs. Davis would have been a baby.

In the third movie, Mr. Potato Head refers to them as 'my boys', implying that each one three are male. Rock Mobile– The head of a toy insect attached on prime of a small, headless human torso toy who is holding a steering wheel. This torso is hooked up within the head socket of a larger, muscular human torso toy that is lacking its legs.

In the first film, he steals Woody's hat and imitates him earlier than Woody takes his hat back. In Toy Story 2, he is used as one of the dying traps during Andy's playtime. At the tip of the movie, he repairs Wheezy by finding him an additional squeaker.

Snake – A green and purple snake toy who communicates through hissing. It has transient appearances within the first two films, and solely seems initially of Toy Story 3 by way of old residence movies. A toy with a constructed-in keyboard who speaks words which might be typed in. A Mr. Spell appears in one of many episodes for Forky Asks a Question. Mr. Shark – A blue squeak-toy shark who appears in the first two films.
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