GPS aerial quadcopter HD 4K camera WIFI drone


★★★        5G PTZ camera parameters: 5G integrated WIFI HD camera hollow cup

★★★        PTZ camera resolution: 2560 * 1440P / 30FPS
Photo resolution: 3840 * 2160
Number of gimbal axes: 2 axes (pitch, roll)
★★★        Video camera working voltage: 5V
★★★        PTZ motor: hollow cup 10 * 20 8.5 * 23
★★★        Transmission distance: more than 500 meters
★★★        Working voltage: 7.4V
           GPS positioning, barometer fixed height, outdoor fixed height and fixed point.

                Flight stability, high-definition aerial photography;
★★★        Advanced two-axis hollow cup head, video is more stable;
★★★        The remote control has camera / video,

                PTZ tilt angle adjustment, large and small rudder, one-button unlock / landing,

                headless mode, GPS return, GPS / attitude mode conversion.
★★★        Sealed battery design, reasonable installation structure, 

                special balanced charger to extend battery life more;
★★★        5G WIFI 4K high-definition camera, the image transmission delay is small,

                Transmission distance is about 500 meters.

                Dedicated APP, simple operation interface,

                with data return OSD overlay function and one-button unlock / landing,

                GPS return flight, waypoint planning, following, point of interest surround function;
★★★        The aircraft has inclination protection, stall protection, runaway return,

                low power return, electronic fence, etc .;
★★★        Unique two-way transmission function, real-time transmission of the aircraft's voltage,

                flight altitude, distance, speed, and other dynamic data information to the remote control LCD screen



Product description

GPS aerial HD camera quadcopter

Product material

Plastic + electronic original

Product size

292 * 292 * 161mm

Color box size

323 * 208 * 345mm

Outer box size

660 * 430 * 700mm



Flying weight

About 506g



Flight time

About 22 minutes

Charging time

about 400 minutes (lights red when charging and turns off when charging is complete)

Remote control distance

Remote control distance and the mobile APP remote control distance are more than 500 meters each and the flying height is 200 meters


Drive motor 1806 brushless motor * 4

Battery Details

LI-POLY 7.6V (3150mAh)

Details of accessories attached to the product (standard)

Packaging * 1, instruction manual * 1, USB data cable * 1, propeller * 8, propeller                protection frame * 4, screwdriver * 1, remote control * 1, quadcopter * 1

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